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LUXB liquid precession vortex Flowmeter
  Intelligent liquid precession vortex Flowmeter is my company developed new gas flow meter which has the domestic leading level.

1. product introduction
  Intelligent liquid precession vortex Flowmeter is my company developed new gas flow meter which has the domestic leading level. This series flowmeter is collectting flow, temperature and pressure as a entirety. And the squeezing factor of temperature, pressure, can automatically compensate. So it is in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy industry for ideal gas measuring instrument.

2. characteristics

  2.1 no mechanical moving parts, anticorrosive, good reliability, long-term working life, long running without maintenance.

  2.2 using 16-bit computer chips, high level of integration, small in size, good performance, the whole machine function is strong.

  2.3 intelligent type Flowmeter is collecting the flow sensor, microprocessor, pressure and temperature as a body,

  adopt the built-in combination, made the structure more compact.

  2.4 it can measure the flow, pressure and temperature of fluid, and automatic tracking compensation and real-time compression factor correction.

  2.5 The double detection technology can effectively improve the detection signal strength, and suppress the interference caused by pipeline vibration.

  2.6 Using domestic leading intelligent seismic technology, effectively suppress the vibration and pressure fluctuation caused by the interference signal.

  2.7 Using Chinese characters dot matrix display screen, display digits, more intuitive reading convenient, can be directly display the working status of traffic volume, the standard      conditions, the total volume flow, parameters such as pressure, temperature and medium;

  2.8 Block the EEPROM technology, convenient parameter Settings, can be permanent, and can save up to a year of historical data;

  2.9 Converter can output pulse frequency, 4 ~ 20 ma analog signals, with RS485 interface, can be directly with the computer networking, transmission distance of 1.2 km;

  2.10 Physical parameters of alarm output, by the user can choose any one of them.

  2.11 Flow meter can rotate 360 degrees, installation is simple to use convenient

  2.12 Cooperate with our company FM type data collector, remote data transmission over the Internet or telephone Network

  2.13 The sensor input pressure and temperature signal, strong interchangeability.

  2.14 The machine power consumption is low, can be used in batteries, also can be an external power supply.
3. model selection 


Model Code Illustrate
LUXB   liquid precession vortex Flowmeter
Function type Ordinary type
Intelligent type (with pressure and temperature compensation )
Detector D A single test
S Double detection
Signal output 1 Frequency pulse
2 2 wire system 4~20mA electricity
3 3 wire system 4~20mA electricity
4 RS485 communication interface
Display 1 Integrated center
2 Separated type*
Nominal pressure -016 1.6MPa
-025 2.5MPa
-040 4.0Mpa
-063 6.3MPa
Nominal diameter -025 25mm
-032 32mm
-040 40mm
-050 50mm
-080 80mm
-100 100mm
-150 150mm
-200 200mm

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