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V Cone Flowmeter
  V Cone Flowmeter is the newest high precision meter that can measure all kinds of Reynolds number. As well as can contentment all medium conditions, which required its operated principle as the same with others differential pressure type.

1. product introduction
  V Cone Flowmeter is the newest high precision meter that can measure all kinds of Reynolds number. As well as can contentment all medium conditions, which required its operated principle as the same with others differential pressure type. Because of they are all based on principle of conservation of energy in the seal pipe. It has excellent performance as the one of kind structure.

2. Working principle
  V Cone Flowmeter is a kind of differential type Flowmeter. With the differential principle design of flow meter has the application history of more than one hundred years. Differential Flowmeter was based on principle of energy conversion in seal pipe, that is for the stability fluid , Line pressure with the medium in the pipeline flow velocity is inversely proportional to the square root: speed increased while the pressure will decline. When medium is close to the cone, the pressure is P1, while when the medium through the cone’s throttling area, speed increased but the pressure will decline to P2.

3. Performance and features

  3.1 V type cone Flowmeter is a kind of differential flow instrument; it was based on the principle of conversation of energy, if in the case of steady flow, pipe flow velocity and differential pressure in the direct ratio.

  3.2 measuring stability is good, flow coefficient remain unchanged lasting for a long time.

  3.3 high precision, good repeatability, can fulfill the accuracy measurement.

  3.4 Widely measurement range, can reach to 10:1 without secondary instrument software correction.

  3.5 Low requirement for straight pipe installation, small pressure loss.

  3.6 The medium to be measured adaptability is strong, can measure the cleaning fluid, fluid containing solid grains, low pressure fluid, high humidity gas and all kinds of dirt fluid. Flow components with self-cleaning function, resistance to wear

4. Model selection

Model Pipeline Parts material Grades of pipe wall thickness Pipe flange Take the pressure form
TVS Nominal diameter Outside
Diameter series
V Cone Steel tube Flange C
SCH Code Pressure grade C
Sealing surface C
Code Type
TVW 0A 15 1 A SS304
A 10S 11 CL150 F RF S SO N NPT
0B 20 B 20 12 CL300 RF Flat
60°pipe tap
  01 25   B SS304 A335-P12 A335-F12 C 20S 13 CL600 J RJ W WN
0C 40 C SS304 A335-P5 A335-F5 D 30 14 CL900 RTJ 55°pipe type
02 50 D SS304 12Cr1MOV 12Cr1MOV E 40 15 CL1500 M FM   S Socket
0D 65 E SS304
20#(20R.A105) F 40S 16 CL2500 PITS
03 80 G STD 21 PN0.25   G G
04 100 G SS316L
20#(20R.A105) H 60 22 PN0.6 Flat thread
05 125 J 80 23 PN1.0  
06 150 H HASTTELLOYC276 B622-N10276 B622-N10276 K 80S 24 PN1.6  
08 200 J HASTTELLOYB B355-N10001 B355-N10001 L XS 25 PN2.5  
10 250 K SS304 A182-F304 A182-F304 M 100 26 PN4.0  
12 300 L SS304L A182-F304L A182-F304L N 120 27 PN6.3  
14 350 M SS316 A182-F316 A182-F316 P 140 28 PN10.0  
16 400 N SS316L A182-F316L A182-F316L Q 160 29 PN16.0  
18 450 P SS316L A182-F304 A182-F304 T XXS 30 PN25.0  
20 500 Q SS321 A182-F321 A182-F321 X Other 31 PN40.0  
22 550 S SS347H A182-F347H A182-F347H  
24 600 T Duplex steel
A789-S32750 A182-F53  
28 700  
32 800 U INCONEL625 B662-N06625 B564-N06625  
36 900 W 25Cr-20Ni A312-TP310 A182-F310  
40 1000 X MONEL400 B165-N04400 B1564-N04400  
48 1200 # Other materials  
56 1400  
64 1600  
72 1800  
80 2000  
88 2200  
96 2400  
104 2600  
112 2800  
120 3000  


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