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Thermal type gas mass flowmeter in the application of the chemical industry

  Thermal mass flowmeter is best instrument for piping system, valves sealing, it shows that air leakage directly. High cost performance, easy to install and operate. It is the one of most reasonable choice when use mass flowmeter or mass flow controller.

  As this series sensor abided by heating principle, so if is not the dry gas , which will be influence heating transfer efficiency, as well as influence output signal and measurement accuracy.

2. Principle

  Thermal gas mass flowmeter is according to the heat source and the different methods of temperature measurement can be divided into contact and non-contact type two kinds.

  2.1 Contact thermal mass flowmeter.

  This kind of mass flowmeter heating element and temperature measuring element is placed in the flow of the pipe body, contact with fluid, it was called Thomas flowmeter. It is provided to measure the larger mass gas flow.

  2.2 Non-contact thermal mass flowmeter

  This flowmeter heating and temperature measuring elements in fluid pipe outside, do not contact directly with the current body, so that overcomes the drawback of contact. Thermal decay flow type (is a typical structure of contact mass flowmeter).

  Thermal decay flowmeter is suitable for measuring the tiny mass flow rate of liquid and gas. Measurable 0-100 tiny liquid flow and l0L cm3 / h/h around tiny gas flow.

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