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Vortex street flowmeter installation should pay attention to the problem

  Xi’an Toye measurement and control equipment Co., Ltd is specialized vortex flowmeter.

  When install the vortex flowmeter should be attention to several problems as follows:

  1. It should be installed on the strong vibration of the pipeline, in order to not influence the measurement accuracy. Especially the transverse vibration of the pipeline can lead to fluid in the piping vibration, thus make the instrument produces additional error. The vibration amplitude is greater than 0.2 g should install vibration stents.

  2. Vortex flow sensor can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined on accordingly with pipe diameter of straight pipe. When the vertical installation of measuring liquid, the liquid must be flow from bottom up.

  3. Straight pipe before and after the installation requirements. Flow meter in the installation, its upstream and downstream should be configured with a certain length of straight pipe, a straight pipe upstream of 10 or more commonly downstream straight pipe section 5 d or higher. To ensure the necessary to produce spiral flow conditions, the flow of fluid should be worked in harmony with the flow of sensor mark. Specific length shall meet the requirements of the table below:

The upstream pipe distribution form Length of straight pipe upstream Downstream straight pipe length
Gate valves ≥15D ≥5D
A 90 ℃elbow ≥20D ≥5D
The same plane two 90 ℃elbow ≥25D ≥5D
Two different plane 90 ℃elbow ≥30D ≥5D
 4. vortex street flowmeter used for flow control, flow control valve should be installed in the rear of the sensor, but if there is a pulsating fluid, such as fluid, the reciprocating pump should be installed downstream of the valve or storage tank, in order to reduce the pulsation of the fluid. 
5. in every open using vortex flow time, to make the medium flow increase slowly. All of a sudden increase in traffic body might damage the spiral vortex flowmeter.
6, in order to eliminate the interference of the mixed and disorderly current, field wiring from the high tension line, the power cord and high-power electrical appliances or inverter, high voltage equipment. Power supply should be don't and big motor way and should be reliable grounding. 
7, vortex street flowmeter installation location should avoid the interference of external electromagnetic fields. Connection between sensor and secondary instrument must be used shielded wire, and wear in metal tube, the tube is grounded. 
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