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Xi’an Toye Measurement & Control Equipment CO., Ltd is to be a strong performer in the pressure tr

  Our pressure transmitter products of Xi’an Toye Measurement & Control Equipment CO., Ltd with quality assurance but best price, so it’s the leader in this industry.

        Xi’an Toye Measurement & Control Equipment CO., Ltd is specializing of pressure transmitter、differential pressure transmitter、liquid level transmitter、temperature transmitter. It is difficult to detection of the conductive liquid for many industrial companies, and need many steps when there are no pressure transmitters. While when the pressure transmitter’s came bring more convenience to world, so much more manufacturers of pressure transmitter are bring out, good quality and bad quality, so far distance. But we our company’s products have the advantages of high quality and good service.

  Everyone who contact the pressure transmitter can knows it was made up with sensor and transducer. So they are the most important part and are also decided the good or bad quality. But our sensors designed by foreign advanced technology, no matter whether the components or work on, we has reached international level.

  Our specification model NO. as follows: 

EJA110A Differential pressure transmitter/EJA118W/EJA118Y/EJA118N Double flanges differential pressure transmitter/EJA120A micro differential pressure transmitter/EJA130A High performance differential pressure transmitter/EJA210A/EJA220A  Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter/ EJA310A Absolute Pressure Transmitter/ EJA430A Gauge Pressure Transmitter/ EJA438W and EJA438N Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitters/ Model EJA440A High Pressure Transmitter/EJA510A and EJA530A Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters/Model EJX110A Differential pressure transmitter/EJX118W Diaphragm Sealed Differential Pressure Transmitters/EJX210A Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter/EJX430A Gauge pressure transmitter/ EJX438A Diaphragm seal pressure transmitter/EJX910A Multivariable Pressure Transmitter/

3151LT flange level transmitter/3151AP absolute pressure transmitter/3151DP differential pressure transmitter/3151DP/GP remote type pressure transmitter/3151GP pressure transmitter/3151HP high static & differential pressure transmitter
Rosemount 1199 remote seal systems/Rosemount 148 temperature transmitter/ Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter/Rosemount HART 475 Field Communicator/Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter/Rosemount 1151pressure transmitter/Rosemount 2051CD differential pressure transmitter/ Rosemount 2051CG pressure transmitter/ Rosemount 2051L liquid level Transmitter/ Rosemount 2051TG pressure transmitter/ Rosemount 2088 pressure transmitter/ Rosemount 2090 pressure transmitter/Rosemount 3051C differential pressure transmitter/Rosemount 3051GP pressure transmitter/Rosemount 3051L liquid level transmitter/ Rosemount 3051S high accuracy transmitter/ Rosemount 3051T pressure transmitter/ Rosemount 3095 quality of multi-parameter transmitter/Rosemount 3144temperature transmitter/Rosemount integrated valve group 
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